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Nanofab South Auditorium

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

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Conference Topics

Advances in semiconductor devices, materials, manufacturing process, and test

Silicon photonics, spintronics and packaging

Developments in integrated circuit architecture

Silicon technology for artificial intelligence

Advances in quantum computing devices and architecture

Advances in nanotechnology and its industrial applications


Keynote: Fausto Bernardini, IBM Research

IBM Watson Health
Enabling Computational Health in the Era of Big Data

The amount and variety of data in healthcare is growing at a very rapid pace. By some estimates there are 150+ Exabytes of data in healthcare today and doubling every 24 months!   In addition to the data, the amount of knowledge in medicine available in the form of publications is doubling every 18 months. The most important challenge organizations are facing is how to cope with the increasing amounts of data and knowledge and how to derive insights that matter in making decisions across the healthcare and life sciences applications. The era of Big Data in healthcare provides opportunities for applying computational methods for gleaning insights regarding effectiveness, practice patterns variations (practice-based evidence), prediction of adverse outcomes, adherence to suggested care regimens, behavior modification, and personalization of care to the individual needs.

In this talk, Dr. Bernardini will give an overview of IBM Watson Health, the new business unit in IBM, which aims at providing solutions to healthcare and life sciences applications using cloud, big data technologies and advanced analytics and cognitive approaches.


Keynote: Daniel C. Edelstein, IBM Research

20 Years of Cu BEOL in Manufacturing, and its Future Prospects


This year marks the 20th anniversary of IBM’s press release and IEDM conference paper announcing the industry’s first CMOS/Cu BEOL technology to reach early production.  Subsequent manufacturing volume-ramp in mid-1998 provided the first market for CPU chips with Cu BEOL.  The salient features of this original technology definition have largely endured to this day, though with steady evolutionary improvements.  The process features included Cu dual damascene integration, a TaN/Ta bilayer liner, PVD Cu-seed with electroplated Cu fill, 2-step CMP, a PECVD Si3N4 barrier cap with NH3-pasma preclean, and SiO2 interlevel dielectric.  Architectural features enabled by Cu damascene included multilevel plane-pair hierarchical wire scaling, from low-C/high-density/short-length fine levels to low-R/long-length global levels, and Al-based transitions to wirebond and C4 terminals.  With proper integration techniques including these materials and interfaces, we were able to realize Cu’s promise of orders of magnitude longer electromigration lifetimes than the Al(0.5%Cu) alloy that it replaced.  This has fundamentally kept alive Moore’s Law scaling for the BEOL which would otherwise have broken with Al(Cu) long ago.  Now in its 10th generation of CMOS manufacturing, and 12th generation in the research phase, we are finally starting to see changes beyond evolutionary in the materials and processes, with the end in sight for Cu fine wires in perhaps 1-2 more generations.


Key Dates

July 17th – Abstract Submission Open

October 15th – Abstract Submission Deadline Extended

October 10th – Notification of Poster Selection

October 15th – General Registration Open

October 20th – Notification of Lightning Talk Selection



Organizing and Review Committee



Prasad Bhosale

Assistant Chair

Devika Sil

Organizing Committee

Rinus Lee (IEEE EDS)

Ming Yi (IEEE EDS)

Alain Diebold (SUNY)

Brian Walsh (IBM)

Carol Boye (IBM)

Cody Murray (IBM)

Hao Tang (IBM)

Indira Seshadri (IBM)

Jingyun Zhang (IBM)

Larry Clevenger (IBM)

Mona Ebrish (IBM)

Nicole Munro (IBM)

Nicole Saulnier (IBM)

Roger Quon (IBM)

Mary Breton (IBM)

Tenko Yamashita (IBM)







Alain Diebold

Dean, College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Fernando Guarin

IEEE Fellow, EDS President Elect 2016-2017

George Gomba

Vice President, Technology Research, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Mukesh Khare

Vice President, Semiconductor Technology Research, IBM





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